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Privacy Policy

Cheap Car Insurance highly esteems its association with you. Our greatest priority is to ensure the confidentiality of your information. As providers of Insurance services, we are under the obligations of both State and Federal regulations safeguarding your information’s privacy and Cheap Car Insurance, and also bordering on the way we use and release such information. Listed below are details about our activities and measures for safeguarding the safety of private, personal information about you.

Cheap Car Insurance handles your personal information as a top priority and with maximum discretion, whether you are an ex-customer, a current one, or a prospective one.

Also, on no occasion would we trade your personal information.

As a matter of fact, we only disclose your own information when needed- in order to make available the Insurance features and facilities you have ordered for, or to send you information about other features and services we offer- and that at your directive, or as stipulated by law.

No Need to Quit

Some other firms permit entrance into your private information through non-related arbiters, so that they can advertise their wares to you. Regarding this type of information handling, quite a number of laws provide you with the “opt out” option; however, it is worthy to note that you will likely not have a reason to do so with us. At cheap Car Insurance, we do not under any circumstance, disclose any part of your personal information with non-related parties or agents- unless of course you request for it.

The Information we gather

We collect information pertaining to you to handle and check your Insurance program, pay your entitlements, and present to you extra features and services that you might like- all, as requested by you. Part of this may be private personal information (not accessible by the public) you have provided, or such as we amass from previous transactions with you, or through certain services we have made available to you, or such as we obtain from agents and arbiters, or through other means.

Information we obtain from you

This consists of the kind of information we require from you when you request for our services and products either by proxy, via phone or our internet portals, or by any other method. Usually, it comprises of information like your full name, home or office address, full description of your vehicle, driver’s license number, and our web pages that you visited. Information we obtain from agents, arbiters and/or third parties Here, we have information that we gathered from agents and third parties. It comprises of information like relevant statistics, vehicle reports, user credit information, records of past insurance-related transactions, as well as entitlement reports.

Information concerning your dealings

This consists of information pertaining to your dealings with ourselves and other parties, including our partners. It comprises of information such as the coverage levels of your policy, entitlements history, invoicing information, and details about your account balances.

Information pertaining to Communications

This comprises of information regarding your dealings with us. It also includes information on phone calls, emails and letters- with their specific records like the time of call or message, the time it was received, and etcetera.

Information obtained through the website of Cheap car Insurance

You have the opportunity to browse through our website incognito, and you will also come across information regarding the features of our Insurance services, as well as other products we offer. Part of our business updating activities include the gathering of information about visits to our website. Such information does not only help us know your identity, but it also helps improve your browsing experience. In it, you have included, details on how you arrived at the website, your IP address, the time you checked in, as well as the browser type. To boost website tracking, evaluate website operation and for marketing of products, we may also utilize certain technological components like cookies and pixels. To notice when you resume, our website fixes a cookie on your own computer. This also helps you customize certain sections of your jurisdiction on our site, and also for us to easily analyze how guests make use of our website. It helps us improve on our site to give you a better experience. Also, note that these cookies are entirely harmless and void of personal information, and thus will do no harm to your computer. You also do not have to worry about your privacy; we make use of standard methods to encrypt and send cookies. Also, your internet browser must be enabled to accept cookies for you to browse the Cheap Car Insurance website.

Information we release

We only disclose information about our current, past, indirect or prospective customers in strict compliance with the provisions of the law, or as specifically requested by the client.

If need be, we may release information to related and non-related Insurance firms, agents consumer reporting firms, government institutions, reinsurance firms, as well as entitlement supervisors. In certain cases, we can also release information to non-related arbiters or middle-men that function in our stead- like those that help in advertising our products and facilities. Listed below are examples of cases where we would be obliged to release information.

Information about you may be circulated between ourselves and our representatives, evaluators, investigators, legal experts, as well as other parties which may have a function in effecting the advertisement and sales of our products and facilities, handling of all applications, and management of procedures and entitlements.

We may also give your personal information to adapters and other applicable business units that amend your vehicle whenever you are implicated in an entitlement.

Based on the provisions of the law which we are bound by, and to protect our interests, we are obliged to disclose your information; if there are suspicious, sham and impure activities and transactions that may have triggered the issuance of a search authorization, an official order, or a legal procedure involving State Insurance offices, some law enforcement agency or Government institution with delegated authority.

Cheap Car Insurance Interactions

As our client, we will get in touch with you concerning your program and also on our products and facilities; like the charging notices, ratification of changes, amendments of our privacy statement, product changes, and other elements specific to Cheap Car Insurance. You may not necessarily opt-out of these messages that concern your principal basis of using our services and products; and if you make a purchase, you may also accept to have them sent to you.

Occasionally, we may inform you about tertiary campaigns. Also, before or after buying or opting out of a program, we may also contact you in order to ratify your quote, and also to request for you to return and acquire a new quote or buy a new policy. You are also afforded the option that allows you to opt out of whatsoever type of message you received.

Links to Other organizations on the website of Cheap Car Insurance

On the website can be found a number of links to some of our business affiliates, as well as links to other websites from which you can get valuable information. It you desire to directly provide your personal information to any of these bodies, the way that body will handle such information will be based on their own privacy policy. It is worthy to note, that at Cheap Car Insurance Policy, we do not make proxies or guarantees concerning these websites. The highway to savings starts right here. Just how much are you willing to save?

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