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List of the 10 worst states for drivers are.

Driving can be a stress buster and an enjoyable activity, BUT NOT in some of the most jammed up states of the US! Stories of long pile up's, long commute time, crashes, thefts and several other reasons are heard every day! That added with insurance premiums, fuel costs and repair costs make it the most stressful activity!

So the 10 busiest and clogged states are, in ascending order:

1. Washington

The very high number of car thefts is the main reason for Washington to be in our Top 10, followed by high repair and fuel costs.

2. Hawaii

The natural beauty of Hawaii is marred down for residents by soaring fuel prices! the number of car thefts is another alarming cause to dread driving around.

3. New York

The cost of insurance and fuel can make anyone have second thoughts about owning a car and driving around! The average commute time and repair costs are also considerable high and rising!

4. Georgia

It's an all in one package that no one wants- long commute time, expensive repair costs and high rate of thefts! The insurance and fuel cost don't make it any easier.

5. Delaware

Extremely expensive repair costs and insurance are the two main reasons for Georgia to be in this list. Commute time adds to the driver's woes!

6. New Jersey

When in Jersey be prepared to spend a long time on the roads! But be careful of how you drive the repair costs and insurance don't make it any better!

7. Maryland

Everything is high in Maryland! Long commute time, expensive repairs and fuel, car thefts- nothing spares this beautiful place!

8. Texas

With the highest number of highways, Texas also has the largest number of car crashes! To add to the trauma, the insurance burns a hole in the pocket!

9. California

With the highest number of car thefts, you may not want to leave your car to soak in the sun and sand! Long commutes and high repair costs are dampeners too.

10. Louisiana

The Number 1 dreaded place for all drivers! All categories- theft, commute time, insurance, repair and fuel cost- are high and soaring!

If you are living in one of these states, you know the stress we are talking about! To make your driving experience a little better always opt for lowest insurance premiums and gas rewards credit card. It may not save time, but you will save on money at least!

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