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Hints on How to File a Car Insurance Claim

Most people find it confusing to file a car insurance claim. Some of the questions most consumers often ask regarding the filing procedure could be, when to file a car insurance claim or when not to. There are certain things you should know before filing a car insurance claim with any insurance company. These hints will relieve you of some misery down the line and also save you some cash. Let us go further so you can know the best ways to go about filing a car insurance claim.

Firstly, you need to decide if you need to file a car insurance claim. You should only file a claim if damages incurred exceed your deductible. If the damage doesn’t, you can ignore filing a claim. This is because, the moment you file a claim, it reflects on your driving record even if you are to blame or not. If involved in a car accident, ensure you get photos of the damages. Virtually everybody owns a camera phone these days. The chief reasons for taking photos are to assist in processing your claim, as well proof your case if necessary.

The claim should be filed as soon as possible. Insurance companies would be much faster to process your claim than you waiting to file it, regardless of whose fault it is. You should also be ready to receive calls from other insurance companies. If there is a dispute, the insurance companies will be inclined to ask you some questions regarding the accident. Although this rarely happens; but just be prepared if it does. Ensure you report the story exactly the way you told your agent. You should also be honest to them because they can find out the truth if you are lying.

Always assist the insurance adjuster when filing a car insurance claim. Often, assisting speeds up the process and avoids some hassles along the way. Following the hints outlined above will make filing a car insurance claim much easier than it may seem.

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